3rd ICT Summit
Theme: ICT for Digital Entrepreneurship and Industrial Revolution

In today’s world, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions play a central role on socio-economic development. In many countries, ICT solutions have been embraced to improve business processes and delivery of services, and to create new Tech companies, which provide alternative solution for unemployment in many countries.

The summit aims to bring together national and international stakeholders from ICT sector to share best practices on developing an information society. These stakeholders include government institutions/agencies, NGOs, financial institutions, health centres, business communities, researchers, academia, instructors and ICT experts/practitioners.

The summit provides a platform for stakeholders to share knowledge and experience on the use of ICT to nurture digital engagement in building sustainable socio-economic of emerging nations. This year’s summit emphasizes innovative ways of using ICT to reduce unemployment by motivating digital entrepreneurship, transforming industries and establishing new Tech companies. The Summit focuses on developing linkage between ICT and industrial revolution.

The summit will feature paper presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions of innovative ICT solutions from students in higher learning institutions, incubators, and experts from industries. The event will be for two days and participants will present their papers, exhibit novel solutions and network with other experts. At the end of the summit a panel session will be held to sum up the major findings and contributions of the event.