Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I postpone semester examination?


A student can request to postpone examination only if he/she has a genuine reason to do so. To postpone the examination, please login into EMS, click postpone, select the module you what to postpone, fill in all required particular and attach the required attachment. The decision on your request will be provided through your EMS account. For more information read the Institute's examination regulations



How can I postpone my semester or year of study?


Before postponing your semester of year of study, kindly get advice from your academic advisor.

In order for you to postpone semester of year of study, login into your EMS account, Click postpone study, fill in required details, attach the evidence to support your request and wait for the approval. For more information read the Institute's examination regulations.


How can I get loan from HESLB?


Kindly visit HESLB website and offices for information. Also you may visit our Student Loans Board Unit office for more information



How can I get Hostel at Main Campus?


Hostel application are always open at the beginning of each academic year, students are required to apply for campus hostel through the EMS account. Once evaluation of your application is complicated you will be notified through your account.



How can I received payment invoice to pay tuition fees?



All invoice for payment of tuition fees are issued at the beginning of each semester, tuition fee invoice can be accessed through your EMS account, under payments menu.


How to Apply for Programme?



Application are always open from mid of May for each year, please keep on visiting our website for the application information.