Customer Service Delivery Charter

Client Expectations:

  1. Prompt, impartial, and efficient services, 
  2. Access to relevant information and feedback,
  3. Accurate information, prompt response and professional advice,
  4. Courteous and timely responses to requests, complaints, and inquiries, 
  5. Utmost confidentiality in the treatment of personal information provided to the Institute, 
  6. Application of modern and adaptive information and communication technology,
  7. Safety and security, 
  8. Healthy and pleasant environment, 
  9. Fairness and equity, 
  10. No soliciting of gifts, money, or other favors,
  11. Integrity and reliability, 
  12. Satisfaction in service delivery,
  13. Ethical and professional behavior, 
  14. Clear regulatory framework and procedures,
  15. Accountability and transparency in service delivery process
  16. Public involvement in curriculum development matters, and
  17. Value for money in the use of funds.


Client Obligations:

The Institute expects its clients and stakeholders to:

  1. Provide adequate and precise information to enable us to respond properly to their requests,
  2. Pay all relevant dues to the Institute timely,
  3. Respect all staff and treat them with courtesy,
  4. Support the Institute academic programs and other related activities
  5. Adhere to principles of ethics and integrity,
  6. Observe the Institute rules and regulations,
  7. Familiarize themselves with relevant institute requirements in relation to students’ enquiries,
  8. Present details of changes in students’ circumstances in an appropriate office as soon as they occur,
  9. Indicate need for special requirements to understand or access our services,
  10. Report corruption, misconduct, and unethical behavior,
  11. Do not offer us gifts, money or favors for service
  12. Always provide feedback and comments.




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