Statements from the Dean:

On behalf of the staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Accounting, Banking and Finance at the Institute of Finance Management. Our Faculty develops future business leaders and scholars through an engaging and exceptional educational experience.We are the Gurus in offering competency-based training and consultancy services in the areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, and related disciplines at different academic and professional levels.You made a right choice to join us.

At the heart of what we do in the Faculty is exemplified by the Institute’s mission statement, to use our “highly qualified and committed employees, and modern technology to provide quality market-driven academic and professional training, research and consultancy” in our areas of professionalism. As such the faculty is committed to prepare our diverse students to graduate with ethical professionals equipped to compete in the global business environments.Our focus is on organizations and how they operate internally, externally, and in a global business environment.

The Faculty has two departments: Accounting and Finance department and Banking and Financial Services Department. The faculty and its department do provide information and friendly supports to successfully enable you acquire value for money education and enjoy your stay in the Faculty. Our teaching and supporting staff are working professionally to help our past, current and future students to advance in their careers and achieve their goals. In short, we are here to make a difference. We value the close ties with our graduates, employers, professional bodies and business leaders. We invent and reinvent ourselves as academics living together with practitioners in a changing business environment.The faculty is reach of successful alumni.We belief that our qualified teaching staff alone cannot make you successful graduate, but your confidence, self-motivation, planand determinations can.

Thank you for choosing our faculty and visiting the Institute’s website. Should you need any assistance about your studies and stay in the Faculty, please contact the faculty offices: E001, E003, E006 and E007. JIFUNZE UHUDUMIE


Dr. Ernest F. Mabonesho