The Faculty of Insurance and Social Protection (FISP)

FISP is a successor of two departments; department of Insurance established in 1972, and department of Insurance and Social Protection which came into effect 1982. The sole objectives of these departments were to conduct training programmes leading to professional qualifications in insurance and social protection, to conduct examinations and grant Diplomas, Certificates and other Awards, to arrange and facilitate conference and seminars, and arrange for the publication and general dissemination of materials produced in connection with insurance and social protection.

To date, these core objectives remain the same expanded and modified to accommodate the cosmetic changes that keep on occurring in insurance and social schemes industries. After Institutional transformation, the IFM strategic plan 2009/2010–2013/2014, amongst other things, provided a structural change of which four faculties were establishment. The faculty of Insurance and Social Protection came into effect in July, 2010 with its two departments – Department of Insurance and Department of Social Protection & Actuarial Studies.

Dean of Faculty - Dr. Kadida Mashaushi

statement from dean-FISP


Department of Insurance 

IRM aims to serve the learning and developmental needs of emerging markets in the context of their contemporary challenges in Insurance sector.

With a solid stakeholders support, IRM is committed to assist in expertise development in the area of insurance, risk management and other related disciplines in emerging markets.

IRM conducts research programs that are directly related to the above disciplines and also provides consultancy & advisory services.

Specific Research & Consultancy areas include but not limited to: Microinsurance, Bancassurance, Claims management and handling, Alternative Risk Financing/Transfer, Risk Management, Insurance Intermediations, Customer Care, Distribution, Regulation and Compliance.

 IRM’s Research and Consultancy section aims to assist clients in the business and public sectors in a broad area in policy and strategic decisions. IRM conducts R & C activities in collaboration with a team of industry experts who are highly qualified experts and established in insurance industry organizations in a wide range of specializations.


Head of Department: Mr. Frank P. Kitende


Department of Social Protection and Actuarial Studies

The Department training, research and consultancy activities are aimed at enhancing:

Understanding of the SP & so contribute added value inputs in the process of developing the SP policy implementation strategies.

The SRM framework orientation/training to all key SP stakeholders.

SP conducts research and consultancy in the areas of but not limited to: Social policy, social protection scheme design, analysis & management, health financing, Social dialogue, Employment creation, Rights at work, Reducing poverty and Fair globalization.

 SP is on the process of establishing short courses, and continues to provide inhouse training for social security schemes and stakeholders of social security.


Head of Department : Mr. Arthur J. Ngasani