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Academic Campus

As our community expands nationally and internationally, the Institute is committed to building mutual relations that aim at utilising the necessary potential that will lead to intellectual discoveries and lives transformation of the general public.


The Institute of Finance Management has different offices including ....


The Directorate of Computer Services (DCS) is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining Information and Communication (ICT) service at IFM. Currently, the directorate provides and supports various services including:

  • Modern computers, printing, and photocopying facilities
  • Free access to the internet through wired and wireless connectivity
  • Access to various generic and specific software packages
  • Development and management of IFM information systems
  • Development and management of the IFM digital service portal (website)
  • Management and development of IFM communication infrastructure including LAN and telephone system
  • Management of data storage facilities and backup services
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of ICT equipment
  • User support and help desk services

The directorate also organizes and conducts general and tailor-made training in various specialties.Typical example include planning, development and managing computer networks, identifying and developing electronic government services (e-Government), utilization of computer applications, programming, etc. the DCS is located at 4th floor of the block A building at the Institute.

The Dean of Students' office encourage students to be better citizens, dynamic leaders, and individuals who are guided by integrity. The office is committed to challenging IFM students to broaden their horizon of understanding about culture that respects individual differences, and to make healthy and ethical decisions on various matters surrounding them. It monitors, assesses, investigates to new and changing needs and trends of individual students or groups of students. That is, we are proactive first and reactive second to students issues. We also advocate for policies that provide students with the security and safety they need to be socially and academically successful. We welcome you to enjoy our services.

The purpose of the Registrar’s Office is to support the academic mission of the Institute of Finance Management (IFM). To materialize this, the office serves as a primary information source for students, faculty members and the public in general on schedules, course enrollments, course offerings, student records, examinations, grades, and degrees conferred. The office also is the principal organizer of all Institute’s academic ceremonies. The office actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and inform individuals of their rights, responsibilities, and procedures. This is achieved in accordance with academic policies and procedures established by the Institute, in conjunction with rules and regulations established by accredited agencies. Under the Registrar’s Office three departments namely, Admissions Office, Records, and Examinations work in line with the Institute’s rules and regulations to ensure accuracy on execution of their services.

A Word from Registrar

“Commitment to service is a central, unifying principle embraced by all members of the Registrar’s Office. We are aware that the office is highly efficient without imposing layers of bureaucracy. Thus, through its professionalism and human kindness, the office is appreciated by the entire IFM community and other stakeholders for its services. As we focus to accomplish the Institute’s mission, we appeal to all stakeholders that we all together observe rules and procedures to ensure effective services provision and satisfaction”.

The IFM library (IFML) was established in 1972. It is located on the second and third floors of the main building, Block A. The activities of IFM library are geared towards supporting the teaching and research activities of the Institute through the provision of textbooks, periodicals, newspapers and other reading materials to lecturers, administrative staff, students and other needy members of the public such as researchers, government and non-government officials.

Some of the available resources at the library are:

  • The African Journal of Finance and Management
  • Dissertations,Theses and Other Publications by IFM Members of Staff
  • Online Resources