The Institute of Finance Management humbly invites the general community to join different training programmes which are designed to bring business solutions among public and private sector organizations. Being aware of the importance for skills and knowledge upgrading to match changing needs, the Institute is constantly in contact with the market in developing post experience short-term training programmes for a diverse range of organizations in the public and private sectors. Our business training packages provide practical knowledge that can be applied across a variety of careers. These trainings can enhance your abilities in your current profession or offer the opportunity to acquire new skills.

We run an array of business training in 5 selected regions across Tanzania. Each training typically runs for three days and can be reserved up to nine months in advance. We offer about eight training programmes with about 204 topics in various business areas such as Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Human resources, Corporate Governance, Social Protection, Project Management, ICT, Banking, Social Protection, Insurance, Risk Management, Leadership, Strategic Management, Policy and Planning, Corporate Communications, Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Performance Management, Business Soft Skills, Monitoring and Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Corporate Management The topics are packaged under the following training programmes: Corporate Governance and Financial Management; Governance and Management of Enterprise Information Technology; Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Management and Control; Public Sector Management; Risk Management for Financial Institutions and Banks; Insurance and Social Protection and Business Soft Skills.

Our training programs are closely managed by the Director of Post Graduate, Research and Consultancy who is assisted by the Head of Department of Executive Development and Consultancy. Each training programme is administered by a Program Administrator .The Institute has well experienced trainers in experiential training, utilizing modern adult learning techniques. While some of the training programmes are generic, addressing wider management issues, the Institute also designs clientele tailored programmes addressing specific needs of each organization. To ensure that the training programmes have the intended impact, the Institute conducts post course evaluations and where desired, follow-ups and backstopping are made to mentor the organizations and to assess the impact of the training.

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