About us

At the Institute of Finance Management Consultancy Services and Executive Development Programs are coordinated through the Department of Executive Development and Consultancy (EDC) that is under the Directorate of Postgraduate, Research and Consultancy.

We strongly believe in the quality assurance (QA) approach, where a plan and review of the work of consultants are carried out at each stage. We also have a strong belief that we stand different from others due to our unique consulting approach where flexible outsourcing arrangements and innovation are key to any assignment which we undertake. Our consulting teams are also known for their experience in using a range of techniques and skills to provide value added services to our clients. Our practical and hands-on approach and success track record make us unique. Furthermore, we are committed to providing independent and informed recommendations, and our willingness to suggest innovative solutions.

Another aspect which differentiates us from others is our collaborative approach we serve to appropriately transfer knowledge to our clients. To collaborate efficiently we work closely with our clients from day one to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the problems at hand so that we can deliver tailored and effective solutions. This close collaboration also helps us to provide our clients with practical recommendations that lead to lasting improvements in their organization’s performances.

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