Executive Development Programme and Consultancy

Consultancy services are organized by the Executive Development and Consultancy Department. The Department connects over 166 full−time faculty members to undertake different consultant services in various professional disciplines. The range of professional services provided includes;

  • Management Audit
  • Preparing Final Accounts
  • Design of Accounting Systems
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing of Financial Services
  • Legal Aspects of Banking
  • Foreign Exchange Control
Financial Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Risk Management
  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Portfolio and Investment Management
  • Risk Studies
  • Market Research
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance
Social Security
  • Pension Planning
  • Health Insurance Planning
  • Terminal Benefits Management
  • Organizing Clients‟ Tax Affairs
  • Computations and Assessment of Income Tax, Customs and Excise,
  • VAT and Other Levies
  • Local Government Taxation / Revenue Systems
  • Corporate/Strategic Planning
  • Materials Management and Physical Distribution
Operations Research
  • Project Writing, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.
Computing and Information Technology
  • Computer Acquisition
  • Computerization of Manual Systems
  • Systems Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Web design

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