Tailor made courses

For tailor−made courses, the EDPC employs a participatory approach in which clients are involved in carrying out training needs assessment prior to designing the programme. Tailor-made courses targeted to reach overseas participants involve collaborative overseas partners in course material development, programme design and in providing readings, handbooks, case studies and training. In recent years, the EDPC run the following tailor-short 185 courses to various government, non-government and public personnel;

  • Marketing Skills of Livestock Training Institutions in Tanzania
  • Computer Assisted budgeting process
  • Computer−Based Financial Management for Middle Cadre Managers From English Speaking African and Mediterranean Countries
  • Basic Computer Applications Courses for a number of clients;
  • Cash management and Control Measures;
  • Pension Related Services for the Pension Funds;
  • Advanced Modern Computer Applications;
  • Management Training for District Water Engineers;
  • Project Management for Sustainable Development for Ministry of Finance, Tanzania;
  • Management Training for Senior Technical Personnel Mbeya Cement Company, Tanzania;
  • Financial Management for Senior Executives from English Speaking African Countries and the Mediterranean
  • Paper and electronic records management
  • Dealing with difficult members of staff in the organizations

Tailor-made courses that the EDPC has run in collaboration with overseas partners, the Institute of Public Service International (IPS) of the University of Connecticut in the United States of America are;

  • Project Management
  • Performance Auditing

To meet customers satisfaction in both tailor-made and in-house courses, varieties of methods which are interactive in nature are used. Since most of participants are matured professionals with a considerable operational experience, a participatory−friendly environment is given priority to suit the type of audience attending the courses.

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