MASTERS 18 Month(s) Dar es salaam

Banking has become highly competitive in modern financial institutions' business environments. To survive and grow in a changing market environment where there is an increase in amount of sensitive data, change in customers and market demands and the application of new technologies, information systems management turns out to be an integral part of the performance of banking institutions. However, the industry and the nation have scarce specialists with relevant knowledge and skills in banking and information systems management. In response to such a call, the Institute of Finance Management has established the Masters of Banking and Information System Management programme to fill a gap. The Masters of Banking and Information System Management at NTA level 9 is geared towards producing competent graduates who will work at the managerial level in banking and other financial institutions. This programme imparts knowledge and equips graduates with analysis tools for application in policy making and decision making in the financial sector.

The primary objectives of the programme are to develop excellent knowledge and skills in banking management necessarily to:

  1. Analyse, design, verify, validate, implement, apply, and maintain Information systems relevant to the banking sector,
  2. Assess and Make Information System Strategy,
  3. Assess contemporary issues in banking operations with relevant skills of information systems,
  4. Design and implement cyber security in banking institutions,
  5. Proactively appraise and manage risks in the banking sector,
  6. Actively manage Treasury function in the banking business,
  7. Conduct an-in-depth research individually as well as a team in banking and information management systems, and,
  8. Develop and Implement Corporate Strategies and Policy



Local Students (Tshs) International Students (US$)
Item Amount Amount Payment Type
Tution fees 4,800,000.00 2,400.00 Once
IFMSO 10,000.00 5.00 Once
Caution 50,000.00 25.00 Once
Registration 50,000.00 25.00 Once
NACTVET Quarity Assuarance 20,000.00 10.00 Once
ID CARD 20,000.00 10.00 Once
Total Fee(s) 4,950,000 2,475


Holders of Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor Degree (NTA Level 8) OR

Advanced Diploma in Banking, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Science and other related studies from any recognized University or higher learning institution with at least Lower Second GPA (GPA of 2.7) or Equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning.



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